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Art, fashion & lifestyle
at their finest

Studio Vanssay was founded by Alizée de Vanssay in 2021. 

Alizée is an art historian and an accomplished photographer. She worked in several modern and contemporary art galleries as well as in prestigious auction houses such as Sotheby's and Christie's Paris. She knows the strange ways of the art market as well as the fast-paced trends of the modern world, and now places her expertise and taste at the service of private and corporate clients in the art, fashion and luxury markets.

She promotes a vision that is both creative and eclectic, specialising in lifestyle and contemporary creation in the arts and crafts. The playful association of different time frames, form and matter allows her to create an original dialogue between the images that will help you express the core meaning of your project. Studio Vanssay offers solutions for brands that need a unique high-end visual identity for their products. The studio works for artists, craftsmen, designers, but also cultural institutions, auction houses, collectors and art galleries.


Alizée also practices outdoors photography since 2014, spending time exploring and observing wildlife around her, in Belgium and in France where she grew up. 

By travelling through rural areas in Central America and Africa, Alizée has developed a strong interest in wildlife, ornithology and conservation in tropical environments. She tries to understand the relationship between local populations and what remains of the wild fauna and flora.

You can discover her work through the section TRAVEL.

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